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Kitesurfen in Lo Stagnone: Ein Paradies für Wassersportbegeisterte
Lo Stagnone, ein verstecktes Juwel an der Westküste Siziliens, hat sich zu einem der begehrtesten Reiseziele für Kitesurfer aus aller Welt entwickelt. Mit seinen idealen Windbedingungen, flachem Wasser und atemberaubender Landschaft bietet diese stehtiefe Lagune ein unvergleichliches Erlebnis für Wassersportbegeisterte...
Entdecke das Kitesurf-Paradies: Seahorse Bay, Ägypten mit dem Kite College
Seahorse Bay in Ägypten ist ein wahrhaft magischer Ort für Kitesurfer auf der Suche nach dem ultimativen Abenteuer. Mit seinen endlosen Sandstränden, warmen Wassertemperaturen und konstanten Winden lockt dieses Küstenjuwel Wassersportler aus der ganzen Welt an. Tauche ein in die...
Noch kein Reiseziel? Kite College Kap Verde ist die Lösung
Sal, eine der wunderschönen Inseln von Kap Verde, ist ein wahres Paradies für jeden Kiter. Mit konstanten Winden, endlosen Sandstränden und glasklarem Wasser bietet die Insel ideale Bedingungen für atemberaubende Kitesurf-Sessions.  Möchtest du diese Bedingungen Hautnah und mit dem neusten...
Cabrinha Euro Tour Demo Day
Cabrinha goes on tour! Sounds good. Even better: they bring the kite and wing material of the current season. Even better: you can not only look at it on site but also test it! What do you need for this?...
Baiscs windsurf boards
As a beginner, the sheer variety of boards can be overwhelming. In addition, many questions arise when choosing the board. How much residual volume do I need? Do you prefer wide or narrow? First a few basics. Modern windsurf boards...
Learn a water sport
It has often happened to me that it was about kiting, windsurfing or winging and someone said: "I want to learn that too!" Usually followed by: "But I don't even have a wetsuit." How often does it happen that someone...
neoprene shoes

All of us know them: neoprene shoes. And quite a few are critical of them. But where does the criticism come from and why we should not do without it in some situations.

A short post about shoes.

The right mast for your perfect wingfoil experience
The choice of masts is huge. This can quickly become confusing, especially for beginners. Here are a few tips to ensure you find the right mast for you. It is particularly important that it is the right mast for you....
On the road with us: Kite College Denmark
No plans for late summer yet, but still vacation days? Travel with us! Kite College Denmark is your event with us! The group feeling is something very special when participants and trainers live together for a week in a wonderful...
Our twintip guide
From Zero to Hero? Or get the last little bit of performance out of you? No problem with the right board. But the range of twin tips is huge. Finding the right board for you can be complicated. But it...
Understanding winging reviews
Many brands are currently entering the market and the number of different shapes is also increasing within the manufacturers. In addition, it turns out that some wings are more suitable for freeride, freestyle or wave. How are you supposed to...
Find your right wetsuit? Here you will find the right tips.
The most important answers to neoprene questions.
How do I learn wings?
The sport with potential for addiction.
Avoid backstall and frontstall with the right trimming of your kite.
Backstall and frontstall goodbye.
New eco-friendly wetsuits for the surf school

True to the motto "Made to last". innovative and recycled materials are used to produce a long-lasting school suit.

Organic based Dyneema® linen from Cabrinha
90% lower CO2 emissions when manufacturing the Bio-based Dyneema® lines.
Flexi-Hex packaging on the Cabrinha Surfboards
Reusable packaging for Cabrinha surfboards.
Happy New Year!

Wishes for 2021: More fun and time on the water! We are looking forward to you.

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