Cabrinha QL Trimlite Bar 2022

Cabrinha QL Trimlite Bar 2022

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For kiters of all skill levels - from beginners to professionals - who use a tube kite compatible with Single Line Safety (1X) and are looking for a length-adjustable bar with a clamp trim system.

Quickloop Overdrive 1X Trimlite is a sophisticated, universally compatible control system. Features such as soft, ergonomically shaped, adjustable bar ends and the 1X Security System make the Quickloop Overdrive 1X Trimlite Bar a powerful, multifunctional way of kite control.

What sets the Quickloop Overdrive 1X Trimlite concept apart from other bar systems is its precise, ergonomic and well thought-out shape. The safety system is seamlessly integrated into the design and is intuitive and easy to use.


  • Easily adjustable overdrive bar ends (8cm difference in length) and leader adjustment
  • Bungee line fully retractable in a special holder
  • Soft but robust and ergonomically designed EVA bar ends with flex grooves
  • Asymmetrical handlebar design with excellent comfort and improved grip
  • Comprehensive single-line (1X) safety system
  • Universal Quickloop connection
  • Quick and easy activation of the Quick Release
  • Removable central safety pin
  • Swivel to turn out the front lines
  • Protective PU tube over the main safety and depower line
  • Simple, no-frills system
  • Durable, heavy duty stainless steel clamp
  • Integrated elastic reduces the length of the trim line
  • Low V-connection for direct kite control
  • Central connection point of the 1X safety line
  • Lines made of DSM Dyneema TM with low stretch - for direct and uncompromising performance
  • 8 m lower front lines for even more practical handling
  • Color-coded attachment points for even more security

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