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Cabrinha Code Wood Wing Board 2022

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Fancy a new wing foil board?

The Cabrinha Code Wood Wing Boards 2022 are specialized wing foil boards.

The shapes of the boards are very compact with a lot of volume and width.

The board glides quickly and lets you float quickly over the water.

Thanks to the compact shape, the boards are forgiving in maneuvers, but offer direct feedback when you need to pump.

The concave deck shape is equipped with a comfortable deck pad and tail kick pad. Thanks to the additional curvature, you know immediately where you are on the deck, which is particularly helpful when riding strapless.

For foot straps, the Cabrinha Code 2022 offers options for 2 or 3 straps

The US Track boxes are particularly stable and durable, so that large levers and forces do not bother the box system. In this way, the foil can be attached to the individually optimal position.

DESIGN features

    • Premium EVA deck pad
    • carbon stringers
    • Short, compact design
    • Concave deck for positive board control with no loops
    • Kick tail with release channel for early foiling and easy pumping
    • EPS Core, super light & buoyant
    • Durable bamboo composite construction
    • Inserts for 3 or 2 loops
    • Adjustable foil position

Supplied with the board: 4 pcs M3x30mm screws & M8 nuts, deck pad (foot straps sold separately).

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