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Cabrinha Crosswing X3 2022

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The new Cabrinha Crosswing X3 2022 is all about power on demand and efficiency . The very powerful wing has been given a new shape in which the diameter of the leading edge has been increased. Together with the newly revised canopy design and the innovative X3 double strut, a very resilient, balanced wing was created. The new Crosswing X3 is therefore much more reactive and stable .

The forces and loads can be distributed over the entire wing and give it its immense power. The wing remains in its original shape even with intensive pumping or heavy riders.

The newly placed windows are arranged in such a way that you have the most unrestricted view possible.

The plus points of the new Crosswing X3 summarized:

+ Ergonomically shaped, large handle layout
+ increased stability and fabric tension
+ improved low-end properties
+ More stable construction + increased service life

+ Large diameter HD closing seam construction

+ improved responsiveness

+ improved balance, even power development and upwind drive
+ radial canopy layout for increased response and stability
+ High Tenacity Dacron leading edge
+ Sprint inflation valve
+ Nano Tech ripstop
+ Including safety leash for the wrist
+ Kevlar reinforcements on the wingtips
+ Attachment point for the harness line

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