Cabrinha FX2 - 2022
Cabrinha FX2 - 2022
Cabrinha FX2 - 2022
Cabrinha FX2 - 2022
Cabrinha FX2 - 2022

Cabrinha FX2 - 2022

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Freestyle / Crossover

7, 8, 9, 11, 13


3 struts, modified C-shape, rounded wingtips, moderate aspect ratio (aspect ratio), freestyle profile, 3 bridle setting options, 6-line setup (sold separately) - [NEW DESIGN]


Perfect for riders who switch between hooked and unhooked freestyle tricks or who love high jumps and kiteloops. 


  • Durable closing seams
  • Nano Ripstop Canopy - the benchmark in terms of robustness, stability and reactivity
  • High Tenacity Dacron improves profile stability and handling
  • Strategically placed cloth reinforcements in areas of increased stress
  • Pure Profile Panels for efficient aerodynamics
  • Pulley-free bridles for more direct steering impulse and better feedback
  • Low holding forces, direct and reactive control
  • Explosive pop and slack for freestyle tricks
  • Powerful propulsion and rapid recovery from kiteloops
  • Harmonious power development with excellent depower
  • 6 line freestyle setup (sold separately)

Just as there are two sides to every coin, so too can the new FX2.

Based on its freestyle genes, Cabrinha has given the FX a completely new design that further improves performance towards the big air. The FX2 delivers highs and hangtimes like never before, looping powerfully and fast and catching you safely on the way down. A revolutionary flying machine that boosts you to new levels.

In order to still be able to use the traditional freestyle crossover performance of the FX, a 6-line bridle system was developed, which provides more C-kite feeling. This makes it the perfect partner for new tricks and podium finishes. 

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