Cabrinha Mantis V2 Wing 2022
Cabrinha Mantis V2 Wing 2022
Cabrinha Mantis V2 Wing 2022

Cabrinha Mantis V2 Wing 2022

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The new Cabrinha Mantis Wing 2022 is definitely one of the most versatile ways to take to the skies.
A streamlined, lightweight yet extremely stiff handheld wing that adds power to any foil, surf, skate or snowboard. Its simple, inflatable frame and single strut concept keep things clean and the weight nice and light.
The Mantis is the ideal partner for surfing. When fully depowered, it always flies where you place it - or you steer it during turns using the unique front handle.
Whatever conditions you fly the Mantis in, its extremely stable frame ensures pure flying pleasure and makes powering up during a gust of wind or simply taking off very easy.
In a few words: An incredibly easy-to-handle, highly controllable performance wing.

Even the first version of the Mantis was considered a benchmark in terms of leading-edge stability. The new Mantis V2 has been further developed in this regard and offers a more precise profile, an ultra-rigid frame and a pre-tensioned cloth. A powerful high-end product with even more performance for a wide variety of conditions. 

New: External dihedral for better strength-stability ratio

New: Revision for even better range and coverage

Higher central leading edge diameter and tapered ends for increased stability, cloth tension and improved upwind properties

Controllable power in a variety of wind conditions

HD - special closing seam construction on areas with increased diameter

Balanced V-shape ensures ideal balance of power and stability

Particularly stiff single strut for low weight and calculable depower behavior

High Tanacity Dacron leading edge

Kevlar reinforcement on the wingtips
Attachment point for harness lines

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