Cabrinha X:Breed Foil 2022
Cabrinha X:Breed Foil 2022
Cabrinha X:Breed Foil 2022

Cabrinha X:Breed Foil 2022

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Through evolution we adapt to changing environmental conditions. Kitesurfing is no different. An example: the evolution of the X:Breed into a true freestyle trick machine.

Proven X:Breed basic features - such as the symmetrical tip and tail design - have been retained. In order to exploit the freestyle potential (both in waves and on flat water) even further, we flattened the rocker line a bit and added a center bottom channel. Features that make the new X:Breed faster and livelier. Not only does it pick up speed faster and glide in and out of turns faster, but the edge is also much easier to charge for tricks.


  • Center channel for more grip and early planing
  • Twintip design with a thruster setup
  • Parallel rails, excellent pop
  • Perfect for strapless tricks
  • Industry standard 9cm adjustable foil mount with position markers

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