Gearaid Aquasure+FD neoprene glue

Gearaid Aquasure+FD neoprene glue

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Aquasure+FD (Flexible/Durable) polyurethane adhesive is transparent, strong and resilient: ideal for permanently waterproof puncture repairs. Tears or leaking seams. Suitable for almost all fishing and water sports items such as breathable or neoprene waders, bivvies, umbrellas, neoprene wet and dry suits, gloves, rubber boots, latex neck and wrist seals, surf kites and 'bladders' (air tubes), Air mattresses, kayaks, toys, waterproof clothing, pool liners, etc. Aquasure+FD can also be applied to prevent abrasion on high wear areas (ie knees and elbows) of wetsuits. Aquasure+FD cures overnight or, when used in conjunction with the GA Cure Accelerator+X, within approximately two hours.

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