JP Australia Magic Ride LXT 2022

JP Australia Magic Ride LXT 2022

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The JP-Australia Magic Ride LXT is your optimal freeride board for easy handling, control, good performance and lots of fun. The option to ride the board with a foil massively expands the range of use.

Since its inception, the Magic Ride line has featured a magical combination of ease of use, control and good performance. The second generation brought even more sportiness and mobility. Now the brand new 3rd generation is here! The new shape details make it much easier to control at high speed and in chop. As a result, the new generation feels even more harmonious and jibes lighter and more readily. On the water, the boards surprise with a sporty and energetic character that is incredibly easy to handle. The improved magic of these boards raises the performance and fun factor to a new level. The easy and simple handling is simply inspiring.

volume Broad length
99 66 239
109 70 241
119 74 241
129 77 244
139 80 249
149 83 251
159 83.5 255

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