JP Australia Vision Set
JP Australia Vision Set
JP Australia Vision Set
JP Australia Vision Set

JP Australia Vision Set

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The JP-Australia Vision Set is a complete windsurf rig that is ideal for children and beginners in windsurfing. Particularly useful in combination with a SUP with a mast foot mount.

The Vision Rig is efficient and particularly durable. the full Dacron® material with the PVC window is lightweight, UV resistant and very durable, designed for everyday use. The material offers children and beginners ideal feedback and is at the same time forgiving. Thanks to the reduced diameter boom, children can hold this sail very easily. The two different colors of the handle help distinguish between starboard and port.

The number of sail battens and their position is adapted to the area of use for each sail size. The smaller sails come with just a full batten to keep weight down, catch the wind easily and deliver smooth propulsion. The larger the sail, the more battens it has. The largest sails come with four full battens and two short battens for a more stable profile and also have a moderately slack leech. This loose leech allows the sail to twist as the wind increases.

The set includes a sail, a boom with a lifting line, a two-piece mast and the mast base. The entire rig comes in a bag so you can easily transport and store the Vision Set.

The advantages of the JP-Australia Vision Set summarized:

- Dacron ® sail with PVC window (no monofilm!)

- Reduced diameter boom

- Reinforced clew

- Lightweight fix top

- Resized design

Dacron sail with PVC window and fixed top
sail size 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.5 4.5 5.5
RDM mast 190 - aluminum 220 - aluminum 250 - aluminum 280 - epoxy 340 - Epoxy 385 - Epoxy 415 - Epoxy
boom 90 - fixed 107 - fixed 125 - fixed 140 - fixed 150-200 - adjustable 150-200 - adjustable 150-200 - adjustable
battens 1 1 1 2 2 3 4
set components
Sail, mast, boom, uphaul line, extension/mast foot bag

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