KITE Magazine Issue 3/21

KITE Magazine Issue 3/21

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On 132 pages you will find high-quality information about kitesurfing and trends from the scene.

The following topics await you in this issue:

Test: all-round foils and one-strut kites

In the all-round foil test, eight different sets from the leading manufacturers were examined and some very different characteristics were found. Striking: Larger front wings do not necessarily have to be something for beginners and those who are just getting started.

Together with the Norddeich surfing school , one-strut kites were tested, which are aimed at both foilers and freeride all-rounders. Many manufacturers have taken a big step here, because today's ultra-light kites have become much broader and more powerful than just a few years ago.

Behind the Scenes: Duotone R&D team on Rügen

The Duotone development team led by Ralf Grösel, Marian Hund and Aaron Hadlow was visited at the Wieker Bodden to look over the boys' shoulders at work. There was a glimpse into the future of kite design and a brief test of the latest high-tech development, the Juice D-Lab with Aluula material.

Trip: Freeriding Iberia

Antoine Auriol is a kite professional and documentary filmmaker. Born in France with German roots, he was in the privileged position of being able to take a road trip around the Iberian Peninsula in the middle of the lockdown. In his road trip story, he tells which spots he discovered for himself and what it was like to cruise through Spain all by himself.

Types: Nils Wesch

Nils was once one of the most promising German kite pros - until various injuries took their toll. Today he earns his living with other things, but is still just as addicted to kiting as he was in his younger years. The freelance KITE author Axel Reese found out how his career and his life developed afterwards.

Travel: News

Declining incidences in many European countries are opening up new travel options. The hottest destinations for summer and autumn were compiled and the kite tour operators were asked which destinations are currently in demand for which target groups.

Tests: Core XR7, Duotone Juice, all-round kites, compact directionals

In addition to the two main groups of tests, there are a few laggards from last edition's tests. Also included: three Compact Shape Directionals and three all-round kites. Also the first individual test of Core Kiteboarding's new XR7 and the Duotone Juice.

Riding technique: Foil

Jibing, turning, 360s – Cabrinha team rider Daniel Riegler explains how to change the direction of travel on the foil and look as good as possible in a riding technique.

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