Kold Shapes HORIZON
Kold Shapes HORIZON
Kold Shapes HORIZON
Kold Shapes HORIZON
Kold Shapes HORIZON
Kold Shapes HORIZON
Kold Shapes HORIZON

Kold Shapes HORIZON

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The Kold Shapes HORIZON is the high performance freestyle and wakestyle board from the Kold Shapes collection. The sporty board with its harder flex and a straight outline allows you a precise jump with maximum pop. The board is the first choice of the three-time European champion Mario Rodwald because you can hold the edge for a long time for the optimal take-off and the landing is extremely easy to control. This is ensured by the double concave and the complex channel construction in the bottom of the board.

High speeds and aggressive tricks can be controlled particularly well with boots in particular.

The board is available with either the 4.5 standard freestyle or 3.0 wake fins.

Mario Rodwald and the Kold Shapes team aim to produce CO2 neutrally and at the same time offer maximum performance. That is why mainly natural materials are used for production.

The flat fiber is a sustainable and efficient cellulose-based composite. The fiber used in the board reduces the board's carbon footprint and provides special stability and flex properties that give the board comfort and performance.

The precision-milled Paulownia wood core is the basis of the HORIZON. The wood is particularly light and offers a pleasant flex with the stringers. The board was milled three-dimensionally to reduce the weight.

The double concave offers maximum control on take-off and landing. In combination with the complex channel construction of the underwater hull, it offers additional grip and improved planing behavior.

Thanks to the ratchet system, the ratchet binding is super easy to adjust on and off the water. It works very intuitively and in seconds.
For extra comfort, memory foam has been used on the inside and edges of the straps.

The Kold Shapes Pads Air Dampening system absorbs shocks during landing and driving. The integrated air cushion cushioned the blows in the heel area. Thanks to the structured 3D surface, you always have the best possible grip in the binding. The toe ridge gives your toes extra support.

The additional flat fiber stinger prevents rough crashes. It stabilizes the shape of the board when landing and reduces negative flex. This means more successful landings and fewer crashes.

The 3D channels and the deck construction of the board ensure an extremely precise flex and a low weight. This enables buttery soft landings and optimum comfort at maximum speed.

The HORIZON's increased continuos rocker is one of the biggest differences between the HORIZON and POLAR. Although the flex of the board is much harder, soft landings are possible. In addition, the board is more agile and manoeuvrable and glides comfortably through choppy conditions.

The Grip Channels give you control over your edge of the board. This means that the board can also run upwind in a more controlled and easy way and gives you the option to ride the board with smaller fins.

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