Naish S26 TT Drive
Naish S26 TT Drive
Naish S26 TT Drive

Naish S26 TT Drive

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The Drive is based on the proven Motion Shape in a high-performance construction. A full 3K carbon construction gives the board unrivaled reflex properties, giving you full control of the board no matter what you do with it.

These attributes make the Drive an extremely popular option in the big air space. The weight makes board-offs a breeze, while the construction makes timing your take-offs perfect.

If big air isn't your thing, no problem. The Drive is also perfect for cruising; with a comfortable medium rocker, slowly tapering rails for excellent grip and a lightly responsive feel underfoot.

If you want to own one of the lightest boards on the beach while still having access to high-performance freeriding, get the Drive and feel the difference.

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