Naish S26 Wing-Surfer Matador 2022 (used)
Naish S26 Wing-Surfer Matador 2022 (used)

Naish S26 Wing-Surfer Matador 2022 (used)

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The latest Naish wing model Wing-Surfer Matador 2022 is above all compact, light and powerful. Highly recommended for experienced wing surfers with a focus on swell and wave surfing as well as heavy riders.

The Matador impresses with its flight stability and enormous power . For this, the shape was changed, whereby the diameter of the leading edge and the V-shape were increased over the entire wingspan.

The advantage of the new shape is clearly noticeable. The wing runs upwind very easily and flags very neutrally in waves or during downwinders and swell rides.

Thanks to the sheet and go the kite is also great for heavier riders who get so much propulsion for planing and foiling.

In addition, the windows have been reduced in size, but still offer good visibility.


  • Larger/stiffer leading edge and strut diameter
  • Optimized grip positions
  • Removable and adjustable handles
  • Neoprene "knuckle protection" below the middle handle

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