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WING Surfers Magazine Issue 1/22

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You can order the new WING Surfers issue (number 1/22) directly and easily here.

On this time 130 pages you will find high-quality information about wingsurfing and trends from the scene.

Interesting topics for the scene, as well as for newcomers and everyone else who is interested in this wonderful sport.

Editor-in-Chief Dirk Herpel and publisher Arne Schuber have once again put in a lot of effort to make issue 1/22 another hit. These topics are waiting for you:

XXL test - 16 brand new wings, 8 sporty boards, 6 fast foils

The development steps in wingfoiling are huge. Especially since many new developments are spilling over from kitesurfing and windsurfing, especially with wings such as Aluula material or handles. So we were more than a little excited when we took to the water in front of Sal with our wing flock of 16 brand new wings. Here are our impressions.

Sinker, semi-sinker, floater – the volumes of our eight new boards range from 40 to 90 liters. The six foils that were also tested range from 800 to 1,500 square centimeters in area, so they go very well with the sporty board shapes. And here, too, the new developments are significantly more powerful than their predecessors.

Foil Labor – Klass Voget explains

Klaas Voget is one of the best wingfoilers in Germany and at the same time responsible for wingfoil development at Fanatic. Exactly the right interview partner to give us an insight into current trends in foils, masts and fuselages.

Cape Verde – Foil Salsa

Sal has one of the most famous and fiercest waves in the world, Ponta Preta. Too spicy for your taste? Don't worry, the island also offers plenty of less spicy spots that are perfect for wingfoiling and also offer the perfect luxury from bed to foil.

Girl Power - Bowien van der Linden

When you have parents who are enthusiastic about water sports like the young Dutch woman and also spend half the year in Cape Town and the other half on the Dutch coast, it is almost inevitable that you will also surf yourself. It was a big surprise even for her that she became wingfoil world champion.

Peru – Dream Left

Lonely lefts, lots of bumpy sand tracks and constant offshore wind: The Ride Engine Team is conquering new territory in the southern hemisphere and making us all dream of flying to Peru one day. Those who don't shy away from the long journey will be rewarded with endless, clean, creamy waves that even the pros were amazed by.

Bulgenslag – Heimatbilder reloaded

Frithjof Blaasch is Nordic by nature through and through, even if the 31-year-old from Kiel mostly frolics in the water off Brazil. On the other hand, it's just 30 minutes from Kiel to Brazil.

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