WING Surfers Magazine Edition 2/21

WING Surfers Magazine Edition 2/21

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You can order the new WING Surfers issue (number 2/21) directly and easily here.

On this time 140 pages you will find high-quality information about wingsurfing and trends from the scene.

Interesting topics for the scene, as well as for newcomers and everyone else who is interested in this wonderful sport.

Editor-in-chief Dirk Herpel and publisher Arne Schuber have once again hit the ground running to make issue 2/21 another hit. These topics are waiting for you:

Test Flights – Wings

Of course, the guys tested again until their hands blistered: this time, eight new wings will be presented, including some real specialists. There should be something for every taste and area of application.

Best Seat – Kauli Seadi

With 16 professional windsurfers, three-time wave windsurfing world champion and famous in Brazil for his TV show "The Waterman", the Brazilian has one thing above all: style in the wave. He is now transferring this to his latest passion: foil surfing with and without a wing. Here's what he loves most about foiling. 

Short Range – German wingfoil spots

Flat water laboratory in the north, Caribbean with mountains in the south - exactly, the Meldorf Bay and the Walchensee offer a lot of possibilities for wingfoilers. 

Flight School - Table Top

Fresh from Lake Garda, Hot Shot Piedro Kiaulehn presents twisted flying skills. And then explains how you can do it yourself – at least something similar. 

Test Flight – Boards and Foils

Boards around 75 liters and foils around 1,400 square centimeters are the next step on the wingfoiler career ladder. Eleven boards and ten foils were put under their feet. 

Road Trip – Cold Hawaii Released

Hot as a hot dog pølser, the Vayu team headed north to enjoy Danish waves almost 24/7. 

Gear Tuning: Foil Physics

Why, why, why - in this case, Naish Foil developer Nils Rosenblad answers the fundamental question: why does a foil fly? And then gives us a well-founded outlook on the future of the sport. 

Kids on the foil

Just double digits and already on the foil? With the right protective equipment, wingfoiling is very relaxed for the offspring and for the parents. 

Frequent Flyer - the column, update GWA World Tour, new crew: Tim Taudien, photopholio: Enno Oldigs, product news, tests: three I-Foil boards, Isle of Wight

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