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WING Surfers Magazine Edition 2/22

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You can order the new WING Surfers issue (number 2/22) directly and easily here.

On this time 130 pages you will find high-quality information about wingsurfing and trends from the scene.

Interesting topics for the scene, as well as for newcomers and everyone else who is interested in this wonderful sport.

Editor-in-Chief Dirk Herpel and publisher Arne Schuber have once again put in a lot of effort to make issue 2/22 another hit. These and other topics are waiting for you:

Title Heroes - Titouan Galea & Hugo Marin

Sharing is caring... with such a fat wave behind you, you should know exactly with whom you are getting involved in such a not entirely harmless game. But Titouan and Hugo know exactly what the other can do, and so it rightly funzt with the two.

Gear Tuning - Naish Wing R&D

Robby himself explains to us why grips on a wing are a science in their own right, why he doesn't believe in three almost identical models that primarily only have different prices, why the current Wind-Sufer MK4 looks the way it looks and why for him wind foiling is the best wind sport of all, at least in flat water and less wind.

Best Seat - Next Generation

Some people in Tarifa widened their eyes in the spring. No wonder, because F-One had invited to the training camp and ten of the best wingfoil groms jumped and surfed with world champion Titouan Galea and his coaching crew. Some of them so good that in the end Tito wasn't quite sure anymore who was teaching whom...

Wings - flight attendants

And once again we have invited a new crew to the tough aptitude test. Eight new wings competed for our favor: Armstrong A-Wing V2, GA Gross, Gunsails Hy-Wing V2, KT Wing Air, Ozone Wasp 3, Reedin SuperWing X, Reedin SuperWing and Surfstar Wing are the current candidates.

Best Seat - Fabian Rieger

Sailors know immediately who is involved when the name Fabian Rieger is mentioned, after all the man from Kiel in the 49er, together with his teammate Tim Fischer, is one - ladies press! - worth future Olympic medal. What not so many people know yet: Fabi's favorite hobby is wingfoiling and he has a lot of skills there too, especially when it gets stormy.

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