WING Surfers Magazine Edition 3/22

WING Surfers Magazine Edition 3/22

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You can order the new WING Surfers issue (number 3 /22) directly and easily here.

On this time 130 pages you will find high-quality information about wingsurfing and trends from the scene.

Interesting topics for the scene, as well as for newcomers and everyone else who is interested in this wonderful sport.

Editor-in-Chief Dirk Herpel and publisher Arne Schuber have once again put in a lot of effort to make issue 3/22 another hit. These and other topics are waiting for you:

Title heroine - Steffi Wahl

Steffi on top of the foil, somewhere below with diving goggles and camera in the crystal clear water of Brazil on the Baltic Sea Bulgenslag aka Frithjof Blaasch. And if you look very closely, you will also find a small jellyfish that has cheated its way into the picture.

Best Seat - Wesley Brito

Sleek, powerful style and a whole lot of ambition, that's how 22-year-old Wesley Brito wants to write his part of wingfoil history. He foiled a very impressive part in front of his front door on Boa Vista. We didn't even know until then that such a fat slab was at home in Lapverde.

Short Range - Lake Garda

First came the sailors, then the windsurfers, and eventually the kiters. Now more and more wingfoilers are conquering the "Munich Sea". No wonder, since the sometimes gusty wind on Italy's largest inland lake is no problem at all with the foil. And even the space problems on the shore of Lago di Garda make you sweat less as a wingfoiler than as a kiter.

Wings - flight attendants

Once again we invited a new crew to our tough aptitude test. Nine new wings competed for our favor: Airush x Starboard FreeWing Nitro, Airush x Starboard FreeWing Go, Cabrinha Mantis, Duotone Slick SLS, RRD Wind Wing, Tahe Alizé, Takuma RS, Wingrider Sparrow Blackline and Rakoon Wing V2 are the current ones candidates.

Boards & Foils - playmates

Our entry-level and intermediate board/foil test candidates are looking forward to revealing their sleek values. Boards: Fanatic Sky Wing 5'6", Fanatic Sky Air Premium 5'4", Indiana Wing Foil 128, Indiana Wing Foil 129 Inflatable, SIC Raptor Air 5'11", Starboard Wingboard 7'0", Tabou Pocket Air 117 MTE , Armstrong Wing SUP 5'2", Enis Rock'n'Roll 77, RRD Beluga Pro 90. Foils: Fanatic Aero Lift 2400, Starboard S-Type 2000, Armstrong CF1200, RRD Blaze 1250, SIC Slash 1200, Takoon X-Glide 1050

Short Range - Sweden

The far north lures with lonely beaches, unbelievable light and amazingly good waves. Even hardcore northerners like Steffi Wahl, Dominik Röckl and Frithjof Blaasch, who regularly head north like migratory birds, are always surprised.

Long Distance - Baltic Crossing

Michael Walther and Mario Rodwald have already done a distance together. That's how it went two years ago by kite and SUP 700 kilometers around Schleswig-Holstein. Now they want to fly from Kiel across the Baltic Sea to Denmark with Wing and Foil: one there and one back, 50 kilometers each. It was anything but a comfortable visit to the neighbors...

Portfolio - Ana Catarina

Water photographers don't really exist like sand by the sea, and certainly not women with water cases in front of their eyes. The 40-year-old Brazilian belongs to this very rare species. Ever since she quit her office job and held the camera in front of her eyes with flippers on her feet, she's been living the best life she can imagine. You can see it in their pictures.

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