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As a beginner, the sheer variety of boards can be overwhelming. In addition, many questions arise when choosing the board. How much residual volume do I need? Do you prefer wide or narrow?

First a few basics. Modern windsurf boards are light compared to older boards. They usually consist of a foam core on which materials such as carbon or glass are laminated with epoxy resin. Due to this construction, it is particularly relevant to regularly check your board for damage and to repair it. Otherwise your board will fill up, become soft and thus unusable.

The question of the remaining volume can be clarified more or less quickly. It depends on three factors: skill level, weight and wind speed.

As a beginner, you should not choose a board that is too small. Motivation can quickly turn to frustration when your board feels too wobbly and you don't get enough of a ride. At the same time, as a newcomer, you can have a sense of achievement if you try it out and sometimes choose a smaller board.

You should take your weight into account for the remaining volume you need. For the remaining volume, subtract your weight and the weight of your rig from the volume of the board. As a beginner, this residual volume should be about the same as or greater than your weight. You can reduce this residual volume the safer you drive.

But you should also consider the wind speed when choosing your board. When there is little wind, a board with more volume and a wider shape is much better for planing in combination with a large sail. If there is a lot of wind you can choose a board with less volume.

Overall, wide boards are much more stable and therefore particularly beginner-friendly. Even in choppy conditions, they lie relatively flat in the water. This makes the sheet start much easier. For these reasons, we use very wide boards for our beginner courses at our surf school in Norddeich. In addition, these beginner boards have a dagger board, which makes the boards more stable, making it easier for students to maneuver and maintain height.

Your choice should also depend on the area of application, the discipline and your demand for maneuverability. An entry about the different shapes is coming soon.

If you have any questions, please give us a call or send us an email.

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