Organic based Dyneema® linen from Cabrinha

Cabrinha is increasingly focusing on sustainability. After the surfboards were already protected with the Flexi Hex material in such a way that this packaging variant can be used several times and almost completely dispenses with plastic, Cabrinha is now going one step further.

The Hawaii-based company will switch to lines made of bio-based Dyneema® fibers for all control systems in the future. The green advantage: The CO2 footprint is 90% lower than with conventional HMPE fibers.

There are further advantages for the longevity of the lines and thus the bars. The bio-based Dyneema® lines are much more UV resistant and also less prone to cuts and abrasion on the lines. This is a massive benefit to the performance of your lines.

A little video about it here:

Compared to other conventional HMPE fibers, the bio-based Dyneema® produces 29 tons less CO2 per metric ton of fibers produced.

With the amount of CO2 saved, 3.7 million smartphones could be charged.

The path of the fibre.

We show the green fingers and look forward to the new bars from Cabrinha.

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