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It has often happened to me that it was about kiting, windsurfing or winging and someone said: "I want to learn that too!" Usually followed by: "But I don't even have a wetsuit." How often does it happen that someone watches intently and maybe even thinks "I want to be able to do that too", but never takes the step to learn the sport.

Therefore, a short chat about how I got into water sports, what you need for a course with us at the Norddeich surf school and what is done in a course.

I had the thought "I want to be able to do that too" and didn't realize it at first. It wasn't until I accidentally passed a surf school that I made the decision. Now or never!

I was motivated from day 1: Every meter driven and every turn was a sense of achievement. Today we push each other. But you also support each other. Other surfers are on hand with help and advice if you are unsure about the choice of board and sail or if you need help.

But what do I need for a course now? First yourself. Then swimwear. You get the wetsuit from us. You should also bring a little stamina with you. When kiting you have to run far out so that the dangers for you and others are as low as possible. Windsurfing requires you to run back through the water to the trainer if you drift too far. And you should be able to motivate yourself. Not every maneuver works right away. Some days you lie in the water a lot. There are enough days when it runs like clockwork. Suddenly the water start or the turn that you have been working on for hours works.

And how does such a course work? At the beginning you will be assigned to your trainer. This asks about your current learning status and decides on this basis which exercises will help you further. He also decides which material you get based on wind conditions and your level. This will be handed out and you will start the training together on land or in the water. After the training, the lesson is reflected on together and new goals are set.

To address one more concern, don't worry about looking good. In the training course, everyone is very busy anyway and doesn't pay any attention to what you're doing. Your trainers focus on learning success anyway. And making mistakes is part of learning a new sport. Concentrate entirely on the sport!

Important bonus tip: make sure you eat a balanced and sufficient diet. Such a water sports unit is exhausting and requires a lot of energy. Only with the right nutrition can you fully exploit your potential.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by phone or email! I'll see you by the water.

Hang loose


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