On the road with us: Kite College Denmark

No plans for late summer yet, but still vacation days? Travel with us! Kite College Denmark is your event with us!

The group feeling is something very special when participants and trainers live together for a week in a wonderful Danish holiday home. During the day you improve your kite skills with our best trainers and in the evening you cook together and let the day end.

Ringkøbing Fjort is one of the most famous spots in Europe and we'll take you there! Enjoy with us one of the largest standing areas in Europe, where you will quickly see success. A week of intensive kite training with the Kite College will bring you a lot further and is also fun. We look for the right spot on the fjord every day to have the best possible conditions for your session.

We also take care of the material. Before you arrive, we select the best kites in the right sizes from our inventory so that you can have lasting fun on the water. We also select the boards that we take with us according to your needs. You just have to take your wetsuit and if you have your harness with you.

Would you rather travel with us to a warmer country? Then be sure to check out our Kite College Events, with which we will take you to Sicily, Sardinia, Fortaleza or El Gouna! Always there: our professional team!


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