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Foil kiting learning textbook + DVD

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Foil kiting is becoming more and more popular and, thanks to many technical developments and teaching methods, is enjoying even greater access to kiters.

So foil kiting is not just a sport for professional kiters. This is one of the reasons why the publisher of the kite magazine has now dedicated a whole book with a DVD to the sport.

How to learn this new fascinating sport? All the answers are in the new book FOILKITEN LEARNING with instructional DVD .

The book by KITE Magazine shows how to get the first few meters floating in just a few hours. On 92 pages and in 30 exciting video minutes, the former world champion Maxime Nocher , the German foil kite pioneer and former German race kite champion Roy Rodwald , the world cuppers Peter Müller and Benni Bölli explain all the important riding techniques on the foil board.

There is nowhere cheaper to learn foil kiting. The book with the 30-minute instructional DVD can be ordered here.


• Arguments for foil kiting
• Foil kiting knowledge
• Water start
• The first meters in the air
• Safety and falls
• Change of direction Jibe
• Change of direction U-turns
• Courses
• Jump
• Territories

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