Surflogic Wetsuit Pro Dryer

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What is the quickest way to dry my neoprene?

The Surflogic Wetsuit Pro Dryer helps dry your wetsuit in 20 minutes.

The super powerful ventilation system of the neoprene dryer manages to blow through your neoprene with 6,000 liters of air per minute at a speed of 3,500 revolutions per minute.

The intelligent heat control system works automatically and controls the heat. This protects your neoprene from too much heat.

After 60 minutes, the neoprene dryer switches off automatically, which saves energy and also increases safety.

A variety of hanging options are no problem thanks to an adjustable, robust strap, and the supplied aluminum carabiner is also protected. After use, the wetsuit pro dryer can be easily stowed away.

drying times

- 3 mm neoprene: between 20 and 40 minutes (depending on room temperature)

- 4 to 5 mm neoprene: between 35 and 60 minutes (depending on room temperature)

- +6 mm neoprene: between 45 and 75 minutes (depending on room temperature)

Device Specifications

- Size in use: 450 x 177 x 157 mm

- Size when not in use: 225 x 177 x 157 mm

- Cable length: 3m

- Durable construction

- Mains voltage: 220 – 240 V / 50 Hz

- 1,400W

- CE patented

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