New eco-friendly wetsuits for the surf school

In order to further advance the sustainability of our surf school Norddeich , we are now using new environmentally friendly wetsuits from Soöruz.

With the Blue Line, Soöruz has created an environmentally friendly wetsuit, true to the motto "Made to last" . Innovative and recycled materials are used here. All materials and processes have been analyzed and developed in advance to reduce the impact on the environment throughout the life of the suit.


LRP© Limestone Recycled Polyester – 2019 Exclusive

The Blue Line manufacturing program is composed of the new LPR. A blend of jersey, recycled polyester and limestone based neoprene .


The knees and buttocks have been reinforced with Duraflex , thus guaranteeing an optimal lifespan of the suit.

The seams are glued and also sewn . The GBS double system guarantees optimal waterproof and tear-resistant quality and withstands the stress of frequently putting on and taking off the suit.


Protect Skin: The new collar reduces skin irritation .

Better ergonomics through experience, which is reflected in a new shape, freedom of movement and elasticity of the materials.


Color Tag: The color code allows you to quickly identify the size of the suit and makes it easier to find the right neoprene.

  • 100% recycled polyester in the 3/3 mm suits and shorts
  • 1 suit consists of approx. 30 to 45 plastic bottles
  • Special dyeing technology saves 104 liters of water per kilogram of neoprene processed.

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